Gond ke Laddu Recipe

Gond ke Laddu recipes
Gond ke Laddu recipes

Gond ke laddu is a winter special sweet. These laddus are very delicious, but are high in calories. I have modified the traditional laddus recipe so as to cut the amount of ghee. I have also used organic light brown sugar. Try out this laddu recipe and please do share your comments. Happy cooking,

(Makes about 16 laddus)

Almonds 1/3 cups
Ghee ½ cup + ¼ cups
Edible gum / Gond ¼ cups
Aata (wheat flour) 1½ cups
Ground sugar a little less than ¾ cup
edible gum/ gond
Method of preparation:

In a heave kadhai (wok) dry Roast Almonds for a couple of minutes on medium heat. Turn off the heat. Keep aside.

In the same kadhai, heat ½ cup ghee on medium heat. When ghee is hot, deep fry the edible gums (Gond) in batches. Gond puffs up after deep frying and becomes almost double in size. Keep aside the fried gond.

In the same wok (with the ghee) add wheat flour (aata). Fry the flour on medium heat for about 7 minutes. Stir continuously.
Now add remaining ¼ cup ghee and mix well in flour. Reduce the heat and fry the flour until it becomes golden red in color and aromatic. It takes about another 7-8 minutes to fry the flour. Stir continuously.

Turn off the heat. Let fried flour cool down.

wheat flour frying

In a dry grinder/ coffee grinder coarsely grind dry roasted almonds. Mix in coarsely ground almonds in the fried flour.

In a dry grinder/ coffee grinder coarsely grind fried edible gums.

Mix in coarsely ground edible gums in the fried flour.

When fried flour mixture is still little lukewarm but not hot, add in sugar. Mix it very well.

Take about 2-3 tbsp mixture and make laddoos (round balls ) by pressing it, and giving it round shape by rolling it in between your palms.

Delicious laddus are ready. You can store these laddus in a container for 2-3 weeks.

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