Fruit Chaat Recipe


Fruit Chaat Recipe delectable blend of chutneys. Any combination of fruits can be used according to the seasonal availability and personal preferences. This chaat is packed with nutrients and is also low in calories. This recipe breaks the myth that chaat belongs to “junk” food category!


1.½ cup ripe papaya, cubed
2.1 medium apple, cubed
3.½ cup grapes
4.2 tbsp pomegranate seeds (anar dana)
5.½ cup strawberry halves
6.½ cup ripe banana, peeled and cubed
7.1 cup watermelon cubes
8.2 tsp lemon juice
9.1 tbsp sugar, powdered
10.1 tsp chaat masala


1.Add all the fruits in a large mixing bowl.
2.Add sugar and lemon juice into the fruits, place the bowl in refrigerator.
3.After that add chaat masala, mix well.
4.Fruit chaat is ready, serve immediately.

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